2022 Post-Election Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility Report is now available

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Elections Markham is pleased to share that its Post-Election Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA) Report for the 2022 Markham Municipal Election is now available on our official website. 

Every municipal election, Elections Markham prepares a public report that outlines a plan for identifying, removing, and preventing barriers that might impact voters and candidates.

After voting has ended, Elections Markham prepares another report to assess how effective this plan actually was in making the election more accessible, and what might be made better in the future. This is to continue raising the bar for equitable representation in our services and create a more inclusive experience for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

In preparing this report, Elections Markham reviewed feedback from voters, candidates, third party advertisers, election workers, key community partners, and other interested parties on their experiences with the 2022 Markham Municipal Election. 

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