Public Service Announcement: Voting is now open in Markham

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MARKHAM, ON – October 14, 2022 – Voting is now open for the 2022 Markham Municipal Election and runs until October 24 at 8 PM EDT. With 250 hours to vote, voters can cast their ballot online anywhere, anytime from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Paper ballot voting is also available at any Voting Place in Markham during Early Voting Days (October 20, 21 & 22) or by appointment at the Elections Markham Returning Office (October 14 to 22) from 10 AM to 8 PM. On Final Voting Day, voters can vote remotely wherever is most convenient for them, or in person at any Voting Place in Markham using a touchscreen until 8 PM.

There are many convenient and accessible ways to vote in this fall’s municipal election. However voters plan to cast a ballot, they’ll need a Voter Information Letter. Those who haven’t received a Voter Information Letter, and are eligible to vote, may not be registered at their current address or at all.

To vote in the municipal election, a voter needs to be:

  • A Canadian citizen;
  • At least 18 years old;
  • A Markham resident, property owner or tenant (or the spouse of one); and,
  • Registered to vote.

Register to vote online at or in person at the Markham Civic Centre’s Clerk’s Office, at any Markham Public Library branch until October 19, or at any Voting Place during Voting Days. Voters registering or voting in person are reminded to bring IDs with them to show election workers who they are. The Municipal Voters' List isn’t the same as the ones used for provincial or federal elections, so it’s important to always check if you’re registered.

By casting a ballot for Markham City Council and local school board candidates in the municipal election, Markham voters are playing an important role in local democracy, and helping create a more vibrant, inclusive and diverse community.

Visit for the latest and most reliable information about the 2022 Markham Municipal Election.

The Voter Helpline is open during Voting Days from 8 AM to 8 PM and offers support in 150+ languages at or 905.477.7000 x8683 (VOTE).


  • “Starting today, Markham voters can have their say in the 2022 Markham Municipal Election with 250 hours to vote. Cast a ballot online or by paper ballot – whichever is most convenient! Got questions about the municipal election? Ask the Elections Markham Virtual Assistant or Amazon Alexa any time of the day.”

    - Kimberley Kitteringham, City Clerk/Returning Officer, Elections Markham


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About Elections Markham: Elections Markham is an independent, non-partisan division of the City of Markham, responsible for administering municipal elections, by-elections and referenda in Markham. Elections Markham strives to continue innovating its municipal elections, creating an accessible and inclusive experience, and empowering all voters to  exercise their democratic right to vote. The City of Markham is a leader in digital democracy, is the first municipality in Canada to use online voting, and is the largest and longest-running lower-tier municipality nationwide to use online voting today.

About Markham: Markham, an award-winning municipality with more than 356,000 residents and the largest of nine communities in York Region, is home to over 650 headquartered companies and more than 1,500 high tech and life science companies. Markham is a leader in attracting foreign direct investment with more than 234 foreign companies located in the City. Founded in the 1790s, today Markham is Canada’s most diverse community and enjoys a rich heritage, outstanding community planning and services, and a vibrant local economy. 

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