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Giving you added confidence & transparency

Why verify your vote?

The Scytl Verify app offers you an extra level of confidence and transparency in online voting by allowing you to confirm:

  • That your ballot was received by the digital ballot box after you vote; and,
  • That your selections match how you voted.

This step is entirely voluntary. You don’t need to verify your vote for it to be counted. 

As soon as you submit your ballot on the online voting website, your selections will be included in the election results.

The Scytl Verify app is not used to vote.

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Verifying your vote is easy!

Here’s how it works:

  • After you cast your vote, you can verify it within 30 minutes (service available until 7:30 PM on Final Voting Day)
  • Download the Scytl Verify app from the App Store or Google Play on a second device
  • Scan the QR code on your confirmation screen on the online voting website
  • Enter your Voting PIN and date of birth
  • A secure preview of your ballot will display on your device just as it’s recorded in the digital ballot box (this may take a few minutes)
  • Verify your selections and follow instructions on the app

Online voting security: Key features

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End-to-end encryption

When you vote online, your ballot is protected every step of the way. From the second you cast your ballot, your selections are ‘encrypted’ directly on your device. This means that they are scrambled into a locked, unreadable and tamper-proof code before being sent over the internet to the digital ballot box. They stay this way until the election ends and the results are counted, so that your vote is secret and secure the whole time.

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Digital signatures

Every ballot that’s cast online is signed with something called a ‘digital signature.’ A digital signature is used to prove that a ballot belongs to someone who’s allowed to vote, and that nobody has voted more than once in the same election.

As soon as you vote, your ballot is automatically signed with a digital signature that’s unique to you, but doesn’t actually tell anyone who you are. It stays there until the election ends, and is removed from your ballot just before your selections are decrypted and counted. This maintains a clear chain of custody for all ballots cast in the election, while making sure that all votes are kept secret and that the election results are fair.

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Once voting closes, before any votes are ever decrypted and counted, your ballot is stripped of its digital signature and mixed randomly with all the other ballots cast in the election. Just like shuffling a physical ballot box, this keeps your selections secret so that no one but you will ever know how you voted.

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